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Play Stories - Edition 1.

Our brand philosophy is built around on telling footballing powerful stories that matter.

Telling the stories that have not just shaped the footballing world but wider society, culture and lifestyle. 

Branding and identity
Artwork & production

Content Creation.
Art direction
Content management

Football research
Audience insights


Our philosophy and the stories centred around our brand have led us to create a limited edition run of publications that chronicle these powerful stories.

Coupled with our suite of bespoke typefaces and individual marques, they provide a visual framework for our identity as a studio. Edition 1 began in 2021, and is a publication designed to document how we are able to push boundaries within Football and engage in conversations.

The idea was conceived as an on-going dialogue across the Football space with an aim to expand this further into the future. This publication allows our studio the opportunity to share aspects of our culture and work. It allows us to form a record of our creative exploits and outputs.

Project team.
Photography: Conor Stewart.
Copywriting: Luke McCarthy.