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Zlatan's back-heel volley.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic often proclaims himself to be one of the best players that has ever graced a football pitch and we are inclined to agree with him. Never one to shy away from the big occasion, Ibrahimović certainly delivered for Sweden throughout his career, with 62 goals in 118 caps to date.

It's sometimes easy to forget some of the great goals he has scored over the years and this is certainly one of them. This is one of his earliest tournament goals and perhaps one of his most important, an 85th-minute equaliser in the group stage against Italy at Euro 2004, which ultimately helped Sweden top the group and progress to the knockout stages.

With his back to goal, surrounded by defenders and an onrushing goalkeeper, Zlatan somehow performs a back-heel volley and puts the ball in the only part of the goal that the Italian defence could not reach. While an element of luck was certainly involved in this improvised back-heel lob, the audacity and skill required to even make a goal possible is something to marvel at. The fact that Ibrahimović was running away from the goal only added to its implausibility. 

Even with a defender planted on the line Italy couldn't stop the legendary Swede from producing one of Euro 2004's lasting memories.